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This Sunday episode is on some thoughts concerning radical rest and anarchist feminism from a decolonial perspective. The right to rest and the right to redefine productivity from a place of nourishment rather than exploitation and coercion. May it be of benefit.


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Hey you, in this Sunday's podcast we are talking body to body and good touch. Especially in these times when a lot of us are going without touch and far from interactions that invite touch. This episode talks about the different ways we can also get touch and give ourselves touch if we happen to be away from people we feel closest to. May it be of benefit :-) 

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Hey you, in this Sunday's podcast we are talking about the holistic approach of body psychotherapy. How we can practice wellbeing through daily movement and connecting and releasing emotional stress and trauma through dance and connecting to ourselves holistically.

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Article: African Dance as Healing Modality Throughout the Diaspora: The Use of Ritual and Movement to Work Through Trauma

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On this episode, we explore the subject of this month, which is everything female body related. I wanted to start out on just reflecting on some of the most important things that come up for me when I think about "the female body". So, in this first episode of the month, we talk about existing beyond aesthetics and broadening our ways of viewing our human homes, the patriarchal gaze and more..



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We  are at the end of this month and are rounding up of a month focused on relationships here on the podcast, as well as on the May In Bloom YouTube Channel. I found it fitting to spend this week's podcast on sharing a bit about the different ways we can practice good endings in our lives. Practice holding space for them and living in peace in the transition of them and more,... 

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It is that time of the month when I feature another episode on the Community talk series! In this episode, I have my lovely friend Rheaya. Our friend is a sort of unique one, kept mostly by a series of random yet long and deep conversations that happen throughout the year. I love the way Rheaya thinks and sees the world and I felt she would be such a great person to have this month's community episode on all things on friendships. In this episode we talk about the idea of going to therapy with friends, boundaries & dealbreakers and more. This is only a part of the longer conversation split in two episodes. May it be of benefit. 


When Rheaya feels like it, she can be found on Instagram @roamgirl_.




Hey you, in this conversation we discuss all the ways in which colonial culture influences our sexuality, ideas of love and how we build relationships within the community. I also reflect on ways we can have more conscious and authentic relationships. It does include some adult talk, so please be aware should young children be around :-)

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Free loving & Alternative relationships// Soul talks


Hey you! This is our first community talk on our second season of Bloombabybloom! Yay! And I had the pleasure of having a lovely and chill conversation with the talented Dailé, also known as Delphine. A Burkinabè and French musician based in Paris. She shares about her identity, her travel and the balancing of pursuing your dreams while living a conventional life and much more. You can learn more about Dailé and her music on the following platforms:

Insta: https://www.instagram.com/daile_musique/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Dailemusique/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/delep77

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/dailemusic


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I hope you are all doing gloriously well wherever you are sis <3

In today’s episode, we are talking about resetting, and rebooting with four fundamentals for holistic living! Mind, body, soul and surrounding. An episode that shows the many ways we can reset and restore and some little updates about the podcast moving forward..

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Hey you, welcome to the season finale of the first season on bloombabybloom! Thank you for staying tuned and supporting the podcast so far! Excited for the next season! In this episode and as a closing, I share my work titled "For Formerly Oppressed People" (aka Affirmations For A Free People). May it be of benefit. See you soon!

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